Welcome, friend! I'm happy that you're here.

And not in a cheesy, cliche way.
Like, I really mean it.

Because just by simply being here with me today, means that you are interested in finding ways to elevate and alleviate your business. And that excites me like no other!

We'll be working together closely so let's get to know each other some more.

I'm Tricia. I'm an army wife, a daughter and a friend. I'm a fur momma to my babies, a bit of dreamer and I'm almost embarrassed to share how often I go to Starbucks.

I love to make lists just to check things off and if you look in my desk drawer, you'll find handwritten notes from my hubby because we're total romantics.

I'm also a Enneagram Type 2, which means I have a strong desire to help and my calling is to serve others with grace and love. I'm also a photographer and a creative who truly believes I've found what I meant to do through the avenue of editing for others. 

A little about me

my why

the heart behind the business

Just like most of you, I started my creative outlet through art and photography. I've been shooting for over a decade. I've found joy in documenting couples as they excitingly planned for marriage. Wedding days were full of fun and emotional moments and I've never made it through a ceremony without tearing up.

 But for me, the momentum didn't end at the end of the wedding day. It would continue to build as I copied my images onto my hard drive. I would light up as I began to create magic with the images through the editing process.

And I know that isn't true for everyone. But it's where I blossomed and flourished. It's where I got to explore and express my visions.

As a military wife, the looming thought of moving and not having a job can be daunting to say the least. Moving a photography business can be hard, leaving room for gaps and inconsistency as you try to establish your new home.

So I was encouraged by my friends to really tap into this passion of editing. To build a business based on serving others in a way that could compliment our lifestyle and help provide a service to photographers.

Editing for others has given me purpose and stability. It has also kept me connected with my favorite community of photographers. Needless to say, I'm grateful to be here and I'm thankful for those who have trusted me through the whole journey.